Clenton Farquarson: Boxing Lesson

Clenton Farquarson was born in Birmingham in 1964. He grew up in Birmingham and went to his local mainstream schools.

Here Clenton talks about the punishment he received for hitting another pupil.

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The memory that I remember is the teacher getting the head teacher to come in, pull me out of class and send me to the sports teachers. And the sports teachers in the gym, they used to train people to box. And I remember them saying I had a lot of pent up aggressions, and, ‘Do you think you’re hard?’ and everything. And I remember flippantly just saying, ‘Yeah,’ you know ‘I’ll smack you ‘cause I know you can’t hit us.’ Who told me to say that? So, you know, they put some gloves on me and it was Mr Scott, he had hands like shovels and he put on some gloves and he then went to town on giving me a boxing lesson that I would never forget, and I've never forgot it, because he battered the living daylights out of me, to give me a lesson about what it was like to hit defenceless people.