Career Options

Clenton Farquarson: Flat Feet

Clenton Farquarson was born in Birmingham in 1964. He grew up in Birmingham and went to his local mainstream schools.

Here Clenton talks about his expectations of life after school.


I remember a careers day. Before we were leaving school, we all had to have, all my friends had to, we had a one to one with a careers officer and the careers officer said to all of us, he said, 'The only thing I can see any of you doing, you’ll be lucky to have manual labour jobs and if you’re lucky, hold on to those jobs'. I wanted to go into the army. The army, I thought, would be easy to get in and they stopped me going in the army because I had flat feet. That then made me, you know, I had real issues then, not even good enough to get into the army cos they didn’t even ask me any assessment questions or, it was just that I’d done a physical and they said, 'No you’ve got flat feet' and I remember laughing and saying 'What’s flat feet got to do with going in the army?' And they came up with… and I was like, well if I’m not even good to get into the army as cannon fodder, I think the teacher’s right, the career teacher’s right. So it had a massive effect of how I went into the world of work.